***Attention Asirvia Customers***

We’re still experiencing some sporadic outages with the GO’s using Google Nearby. Our system is fully up and operational. The only GOs now not being seen are those not ranking with Google Nearby. This week, Google released new rules on ads that will show on both websites and mobile platforms. Unfortunately, the new rules were not released earlier. These rules also apply to our ads and notifications.

We have a special training webinar so that you have the success you are looking for with GO services by Asirvia on Saturday at 1pm eastern time. Please watch your email for the link and update.

The key with Google is that ads that are clicked on because of the value they provide shows your ads are valued by consumers and will then make the minimum relevancy levels with Google nearby.

In the meanwhile, the best way to improve your nearby rankings is to follow these easy instructions in your 40 CHARACTER MESSAGE and/or GO Plus ad:

1. Your message should be focused on a PRODUCT or BRICK & MORTER BUSINESS.

2. Do NOT use a PROPER NAME or PHONE NUMBER in your message.

3. Do NOT use a URL (website address) in your message.

4. Do NOT use a URL shortener.

5. Download PHYSICAL WEB from your app store so you can see what’s transmitting and then be sure to click on the link to test it.You may test this multiple times as well as ask others to click your link to test it.

For Customers using a different platform, such as Physical Web, you will not be affected and your notifications should be operating as normal.

Please continue to check this asirviasupport.com Home screen for updates. We thank you for your patience!

Thank you,

Sam Scrofano

Customer Support Manager