In 2016 we launched Asirvia with a vision that would create a business renaissance for Main Street enterprises. In 2017 we introduced GO Services to businesses throughout the USA and beyond. Proximity Marketing using GO Services was designed to use today’s technology to be the next major disrupt-er for businesses to grow in their local marketing in a fun, innovative and affordable way. In these 2 years, the Asirvia GO has broadcast millions of messages to mobile devices worldwide. Those messages not only drove new customer acquisition for businesses bold enough to see the opportunity that using beacon technology brings, but brought funding to non-profits and charitable endeavors. The success stories are too numerous to list here.

Google Nearby was the first communication channel implemented with the Asirvia Go platform, which identified devices in nearby range to deliver a simple, non-obtrusive message to Android phones. It may have been too successful.

In November 2018, Google announced through their blog, that its Nearby service would be taken off line. Despite attempts to communicate to Google that it was severing a relied on and successful channel with an ever-growing number of innovative companies delivering value, the platform is being shut down.

With heavy hearts, given the short notice of the elimination of Nearby we decided to discontinue GO Services and the Asirvia Platform.

Your GOs will continue to broadcast through the end of your currently paid for subscription. Effective immediately, we have discontinued new account creations and also discontinued billing. This includes subscribers with our ABC and VTC programs. We are going back to the drawing board to build the system that will take proximity 3.0 to the marketplace.

We thank you for your business and in many cases for your friendship!

Any support requests can be submitted via email to

See you in the future,

Don, Kevin and Don