We don't know exactly who still has service and who doesn't.
Roughly about 40% of our members still have service. Because we don't know who has service and who doesn't, we are just going to give everybody a credit.
Next week we are going to start with a two-week credit for everybody.
We are going to credit to your e-wallet half of what your subscription would be.
So, for $25 subscription, we will credit $12.50.
For $49 we credit $24.50.
For $99 we credit $49.50.
So, when your subscription renews, it will pull half from your e-wallet & the other half from your credit card on file.
Delivery of the new units will start in 2 weeks and will take several weeks to complete. We will adjust accounts based on delivery times and credit everyone for any time lost.  
Some of you will end up with a little bonus because your old ones are still working so you're getting a little bit of extra time on us.