At Asirvia, we are working hard to provide our Affiliates, Independent Representatives and

Customers with sales and marketing material that accurately reflects the quality, features, benefits

and terms of our GO SERVICES web-based platform and the GO.

To accomplish this, we need your participation. Please follow these 4 simple guidelines:

1. Any online image, ad or printed material that uses the Asirvia logo, GO SERVICES or GO logo, or

BRANDED NAME(S), needs to be submitted for review and approval before posted or printed.

2. Any image created by Asirvia Corporate cannot be changed, modified or added to another

image that was not either reviewed or approved by Asirvia Corporate.

3. Do not use our company name, Asirvia, or any of our branded Product(s) and or Service Name(s)

in your images, business name, tagline; or in any website domain or subdomain URL’s, a Facebook

page URL, a Facebook or other social media group name, an email address, a username; or in any

other business, personal, sales, marketing or promotion without Asirvia’s prior written consent.

4. When referencing our company and our services, please follow these simple nomenclatures

and typecase formats:

Correct                                                                                                  Incorrect

GO; GOs                                                                                               Go; go; GO’s; Go’s

Asirvia’s GO; the GO from Asirvia Asirvia GO;                                     Asirvia Go; Asirvia go

GO BASIC                                                                                            Go basic; Go Basic; go basic

GO PLUS                                                                                             Go plus; Go Plus; go plus

GO SERVICES                                                                                    Go services; GO Services; Go Services

Asirvia’s GO SERVICES                                                                      Asirvia GO SERVICES