It is in the best interest of every Asirvia Affiliate and Independent Representative to follow these

simple compliance guidelines. We appreciate all our representatives who take the necessary

steps to protect Asirvia and the business opportunity and partnership they have with us.

Here are the steps Asirvia Compliance will take for those Affiliates and Independent

Representatives who did not and/or won’t follow these simple compliance guidelines:

1. Asirvia Compliance will notify the Affiliate or Independent Representative via email that

there is an item that is non-compliant and must be either modified (to become compliant)

or removed within 7 days from the delivery date of the email notification from Asirvia

Compliance. This email notification will come from:

2. The Affiliate or Independent Representative is responsible to reply to within 7 days from the delivery date of the email notification to

let Asirvia Compliance know what action they have taken to become compliant.

3. If Asirvia Compliance does not receive any response within 7 days from the delivery date

of the email notification, then Asirvia Compliance will advise that the Affiliate or

Independent Representative’s Asirvia account be suspended until the issue is resolved

and/or meets Asirvia’s Compliance Guidelines.

As an authorized representative of Asirvia, it is also very important to respect the terms and

conditions you agreed to when you became an Affiliate or Independent Representative outlined


POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. You can find these documents on our website or your back office.

At Asirvia, we encourage creativity and initiative. Let us work with you so we can collectively

deliver a consistent message that helps us all move Upward & Forward together in the most

positive and constructive way.

We really appreciate your cooperation and thank you for helping Asirvia build a brand, as well as

products and services you can be proud to represent.

Andre M. Dery

Chief Marketing Officer

Compliance Department