Most likely, this is because the site you are trying to direct to is a non-secure website.

This is a Google requirement. In fact, all websites since July 15, 2018, have been required to have a secure certificate for their website. If the site does not have a secure certificate it can be penalized in search rankings and will say "Not Secure" in the address bar.

You can not make a site secure simply by adding an "S" to the HTTP. A security certificate is required to be assigned to the domain in order for the site to show secure. If you are not sure that your site is secure please click this URL test link to find out.

If the website address you are programming into your GO Basic or GO Plus message is not secure the end user will not be directed to your site. Again this is a Google rule and for your user web safety.

Should you need a security certificate for your website please reach out to support and they will have one of our specialists assist you in getting a security certificate and installing it for you on your site.