As most of you know, we have been updating the GO 400s to accommodate a recent Google change. To expedite the changes for all, we are programming the GO 400s in-house and shipping brand new GOs to your door. We begin shipping these new GOs on Monday, March 5. If transit time to your location is longer than three days, we will expedite the shipping and you should receive an email with your tracking information. (Please note, international shipping will vary.) This will all be at no cost to you.

Since the GO 400s you receive will be pre-programmed with this update, you will not need to make or keep an appointment with our Support team. If you currently have a Support appointment for GO 400s, please cancel it so our team here can focus on completing the GO 100 appointments.

In order for this process to run smoothly, however, we need your help. Please log in to your back office as soon as possible and ensure:

1. Your account is ACTIVE.

2. Your shipping address is correct. (If not, please update immediately.)

Then, once you receive your new GO 400(s), please take the following steps:

1. Add your new GO 400(s) to the GO Platform by clicking “Edit” on your GOs Tab and then clicking “Lost/Replace.”

2. Remove the purple or green band from your current GO 400(s) and place it on the new ones so there is no confusion as to which ones are updated.

3. Use the enclosed pre-paid shipping label to return your current GO 400(s) to us.

As always, we thank you for your patience and cooperation during this process.

All the best,

Asirvia Corporate

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